Athletes from the city of nuclear workers are the winners of Khmelnytskyy region Cup among adults

Track and field athletes of the comprehensive children's and youth sports school of the KhNPP primary trade union organization continue to participate successfully at competitions of various levels. In the open cup of the Khmelnytsky region among adults, the children's and youth sports school was represented by eight track and field athletes who demonstrated worthy results.

A feature of these competitions was that both adults and young athletes competed on an equal footing. Members of the national team of Ukraine, Kyiv, Kyiv region, as well as Mykolaiv, Ternopil and Vinnytsia took part in the Khmelnytskyy Open Cup, bringing the competition to a higher level.

According to the sports coach Oleksandr Krasnov, all his trainees successfully competed at the Ukraine-wide tournament alongside older and more experienced athletes, because they had to compete with members of the Ukrainian national team among adults.

Victoria Kayumova rose to the top of the podium in the 1500 m race. The high level of training was also confirmed by the champions of Ukraine among youth, Petro Vengerets, who placed third in the 800 m race, and Svyatoslav Khotyuk, who ranked in the top five in the 100 m race.

As a reminder, Victoria Tkachuk, a trainee of the honored coach of Ukraine Oleksandr Krasnov, became a finalist of the Olympics in Tokyo and continues to demonstrate high results at international tournaments, while the track and field athletes of the children's and youth sports school keep training for new starts with faith in a peaceful future and Victory.