A russian adviser "on any issues" showed up in the seized Zaporizhzhya NPP

Last week, a man named renat karchaa, serving as an «adviser on any issues» in russia, initiated a meeting at the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhya NPP. Currently, this "genius" represented rosatom and, obviously, tried to convey another russian lie, as he has nothing to do with nuclear industry.

In general, the unrespected karchaa hails from the ruling circles of captured by russia Abkhazia. Therefore, his basic "skill" is to wreak havoc and despair on the regions temporarily occupied by the terrorist state. What is more - to spread russian propaganda, having nothing to do with reality.

karchaa did whatever he did and wherever he worked. However, recently he was eager to be an adviser. On any issues.

By the way, once karchaa hit a teenager with his car, but the case was not allowed to proceed, because the culprit was and remains very loyal to the russian rogue government, that is the main criterion for survival in the russian federation.

And now, such under-professional comes to the Ukrainian ZNPP and holds a meeting there, without any justification or authority whatsoever.

We stress that by doing so, the russian invaders try to step up the pressure on Ukrainian nuclear workers to force them to work for the aggressor state while the ZNPP staff does not want to cooperate with the ruscists! That is why the occupiers invite anyone to create a picture for their media and somehow influence the power plant's employees.

Nevertheless, no matter what the occupiers come up with, the ZNNP was, is and will be Ukraine!