Objectives of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom»

An integrated management system (IMS) based on the requirements of state norms and rules on nuclear and radiation safety has been implemented in SE «NNEGC «Energoatom».

In order to ensure the achievement of the Company's objectives, regulatory requirements for nuclear and radiation safety, environmental protection, health protection, labor safety, etc. are combined (integrated) in the management system.

The Company's IMS includes management systems for nuclear and radiation safety, production, occupational safety, health and environmental protection, physical safety, quality, human and organizational factors, social development, data protection, trade secrets, corruption prevention, metrology, finance and economy.

The main document establishing the general principles that ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the IMS is the "General Guidelines for the integrated management system of the SE «NNEGC «Energoatom», which describes the powers, responsibilities and relations in the field of management.

The IMS requirements applied to the Company's activities take into account the classification approach based on the classification (differentiation) established in regulatory documents. At the same time, ensuring security is a priority over economic, technical, scientific and other objectives.

Scope of application of the integrated management system:

  • production of electrical and thermal energy;

  • performance of repair and installation works for reconstruction;

  • development, design and manufacture of equipment, devices and special means;

  • engineering support and capital construction;

  • scientific and technical support;

  • provision and management of resources;

  • ensuring constant readiness for quick and effective actions in the event of nuclear and radiation accidents;

  • buying and selling on the electricity market.

The integrated management system of SE «NNEGC» «Energoatom» as a single corporate entity was certified in 2016.

In 2019, the Company successfully passed a recertification audit regarding the fulfillment of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 "Quality management systems. Requirements" and ISO 14001:2015 "Environmental management systems. Requirements and guidelines for use", as well as a certification audit according to ISO 45001:2018 "Occupational health and safety management system", which is confirmed by certificates of the international certifying body TÜV NORD CERT. Confirmation of IMS compliance with the requirements of international standards is performed annually according to the TÜV NORD CERT procedure.

The IMS certification according to international ISO standards is not only determined by the requirements of the IAEA and the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, but is also necessary to maintain the Company's status on the international market.

The presence of a certified management system promotes more active involvement of Energoatom in international projects, because Western partners mostly prefer organizations that have the above-mentioned certificates, and also increases the company's reputation and competitiveness.

Objectives of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom»

In addition to the specified strategic goals and plans, in order to improve and develop the integrated management system (safety, quality, ecology, health and labor safety), SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» for safety reasons sets the following objectives by the end of 2022:

Objectives Ways to achieve objectives Expected outcomes Responsible unit
Ensuring the prevention of accidents in the operation of NPPs

- unconditional fulfillment of the requirements of the NRS norms and rules, terms of individual permits and licenses for the operation of NPP power units granted by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine;

- provision of material and financial resources;

- staff training

- the number of accidents is equal to zero;

- the number of operational events is no more than in the previous year

Executive Directorate for Operation and Repairs, Directorate for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Directorate for Safety Oversight, NPPs
Ensuring the current level of NPP safety in terms of quality no lower than the previous year’s rate

- steady monitoring and evaluation of the current level of NPP safety;

- development and implementation of measures to improve it;

- conducting self-assessments, inspections and peer reviews at NPPs;

- development and implementation of measures to fulfil the recommendations derived from inspections

No lower than the previous year’s rate Executive Directorate for Operation and Repairs, Directorate for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Directorate for Safety Oversight, NPPs
Ensuring the exchange of positive experience on safety culture among NPPs

Implementation of the Program of specific actions aimed at the formation and development of safety culture in SE "NNEGC "Energoatom"

Improving safety by leveraging work experience gained through safety culture feedback Working group on safety culture, NPPs
Ensuring the non-exceedance of fixed reference levels (RL) of personnel exposure

- dose planning for each operation according to the approved list;

- implementation of measures to minimize doses of personal and collective personnel exposure based on the ALARA principle

No lower than the previous year’s rate reference levels NPPs
Ensuring the reduction of environmental impact of production activities

- comprehensive assessment and analysis of environmental impact of activities;

- improvement of monitoring and control mechanisms;

- application of best practices;

- development of environmental culture among staff and general public;

- management of environmental aspects

- reduction of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere air (below potential volumes);

- reduction of volumes and improvement of waste water quality indicators (below permissible discharge limits);

- increase in the volume of waste disposal (more than in the previous period);

- sustainable use of water resources (less than in the previous period)

Directorate for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, separated subdivisions
Prevention of industrial accidents

- implementation of hazard assessment measures and updating hazard identification sheets, analysis and assessment of associated risks;

inspections of the state of labor safety;

- provision of personnel of the separated subdivisions with overalls, protective footwear and other means of individual and collective protection as well as safety signs

Below or equal to the previous period Separated subdivisions, Directorate for Safety Oversight
Ensuring the compliance of the IMS of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» with the requirements of international standards and the best global practice

- implementation of «Measures for the improvement and development of IMS of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom»;

- successful completion of the post-certification supervisory audit;

Absence of critical inconsistencies Directorate for Quality and Management, Directorate for Safety Oversight, Directorate for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, separated subdivisions
Implementation of eco-friendly and energy-saving technologies

- reduction of the levels of formation of certain types of hazardous waste (used fluorescent lamps containing mercury);

- increasing the use of lighting equipment based on LED technologies

Not worse than in the previous year Separated subdivisions


The current plans, goals, and expected outcomes of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» performance for 2022 are determined by Order No. 01-232 of April 25, 2022 «On outcomes of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» performance in 2021 and the main production and economic activities of the Company in 2022».

ISO certificates