In 2024, Energoatom plans to reduce repair time at NPP power units

JSC "NNEGC "Energoatom" is working to reduce the duration of scheduled outages. After all, the less time a power unit is under repair, the more electricity it will be able to generate for the needs of consumers and enterprises of Ukraine.

Thus, four power units underwent major overhauls, which are longer in duration.

Besides, in 2023, works were underway at the South Ukraine NPP power unit 1 to extend its lifetime. For the first time in Ukraine, all the necessary procedures and examinations to obtain the relevant conclusion were carried out under Western standards. Previously, such a process required the unit to be out of service for at least 100 days. However, Energoatom specialists were able to carry out the necessary work without a long-term shutdown.

"We managed to implement the best efficiency standards, which reduced the time and brought benefits: we preserved generation and provided electricity to the country, and were able to obtain a positive decision to extend the unit's lifetime for 10 years," said the Company's CEO Petro Kotin.

The duration of the repairs was as follows:

  • 2022 – 634 days
  • 2023 – 618 days
  • 2024 – 612 days (scheduled)

Implementation of the state-of-the-art standards, professional work of the Company's employees and cohesive work of the entire team – Energoatom works for Ukraine and Ukrainians!