Anti-Corruption Commissioner

At JSC “NNEGC “Energoatom”, the person responsible for the implementation of the Company's Anti-Corruption Program has been designated the Anti-Corruption Commissioner - head of the department for ensuring activities in the field of corruption prevention (hereinafter - the Anti-Corruption Commissioner).

The Anti-Corruption Commissioner's functional duties are defined by the Anti-Corruption Program and his job description, the key ones of which are:

  • ensuring the formation and implementation of measures for corruption prevention and anti-corruption at the Company, as well as control over their implementation;

  • ensuring the implementation of supervision, control and monitoring of compliance by the Company's employees with anti-corruption legislation, the Anti-Corruption Program, the Company's production, regulatory, organizational and administrative documents on corruption prevention and anti-corruption;

  • organization and participation in periodic assessment of corruption risks in the Company's activities.

In order to create the necessary conditions for the effective implementation of the anti-corruption policy, the department of ensuring activities in the field of corruption prevention is under the authority of the Anti-Corruption Commissioner.

In addition, there are divisions (responsible persons) for corruption prevention and anti-corruption of the Company's branches in the operational management of the Anti-Corruption Commissioner.