The occupationists have provoked an environmental disaster at ZNPP

The consequences of the criminal activities of the russian military at Zaporizhzhya NPP lead to an environmental disaster as well. They destroy an important ecological component of the power plant's operation.

TDue to the shutdown of the power plant units, warm water does not enter the ZNPP cooling pond, as a result of which the water temperature dropped to about 13 degrees above zero.

This led to a mass fish die-off in the pond. It is currently stocked with two species of fish – Warmwater tilapia and Asian catfish, which were introduced about 25 years ago to ensure environmental cleanliness. The fish perform a sanitary function by destroying green algae and keeping the cooling tubes of the turbine condenser clean.

Under favorable conditions, when the temperature in winter never fell below 18 degrees above zero, the fish multiplied. So if the water temperature in the cooling pond does not rise in the near term, about a thousand tons of dead fish will be washed ashore.

russia is a terrorist country that leaves behind ruins and brings catastrophe under the burnt soil principle!