Zaporizhzhya NPP demilitarization and return of Ukraine's complete control over the power plant should be the key IAEA mission outcome

SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» welcomes the International Atomic Energy Agency mission led by Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi in Ukraine.

Energoatom and Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant staff support the mission and will make every effort to prevent the russians from concealing facts of nuclear terrorism and nuclear safety violations at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Moreover, enough facts of criminal actions of the russian military have already been established, and it will not be possible to cover them up.

Energoatom emphasizes that following the IAEA mission's visit, the territory of the ZNPP and Enerhodar should be demilitarized while russian troops and equipment as well as «rosatom» employees should withdraw from the power plant site. The Zaporizhzhya NPP itself should return under the complete control of Ukraine.

We are sincerely grateful to the power plant staff, who all these months, being under the russian occupation in extremely difficult conditions, heroically fulfil their duties and ensure the nuclear safety of the ZNPP, Ukraine and the whole world!