More than two thousand people visited Energoatom exhibition stand within the framework of the IAEA conference

During the 66th session of the IAEA General Conference, the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company «Energoatom» set up its own exhibition stand in the building of the Vienna International Center, where the event is taking place. The stand is dedicated to the nuclear industry of Ukraine during the war against the russian federation and the nuclear terrorism of the russian federation.

The stand presents, in particular, pictures and videos about the terrorist acts of the russian invaders, committed against the nuclear energy facilities of Ukraine:

  • in confirmation of the seizure and shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant by the armed forces of the russian federation;
  • recorded facts of terror and killings of ZNPP workers by russians;
  • real images of the occupationists and their military equipment at the captured nuclear power plant;
  • captured consequences of the shelling of the ZNPP site and infrastructure facilities;
  • pictures and videos of the South Ukraine NPP shelling, when the ruscist missile landed just 270 m away from the nuclear plant reactors;
  • surveillance footage of cruise missiles flying over the Zaporizhzhya, Khmelnytskyi and South Ukraine nuclear power plants;
  • other shocking details of the nuclear terror of the ruscists.

The central place on the stand is occupied by the national flag from Zaporizhzhya NPP, which the power plant staff signed for Ukrainian servicemen.

The showcases demonstrating Energoatom operation in peacetime tell about the history of the Company and its role as the largest producer of electricity in the country, as well as inform about current and prospective projects, in particular, the construction of 9 new power units using the American AP1000 technology, Energoatom's cooperation with strategic foreign partners – Westinghouse, Holtec, NuScale and others.

During these five days, the Ukrainian stand is one of the most visited and has already attracted more than two thousand people. Most of them express their support for Ukraine while the most popular souvenir is a ribbon in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Every member of the American delegation wore Ukrainian flags tucked into their lapels for one day.

As a reminder, on September 26-30, 2022, the 66th session of the IAEA General Conference is held in Vienna, Austria, which is attended by representatives of 175 countries, in particular the Ukrainian delegation, including representatives of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom».

Among the main topics of this year's IAEA conference are threats to Ukraine's nuclear and radiation safety due to russia's occupation of Ukrainian nuclear facilities, primarily the Zaporizhzhya NPP.