Ruscists gear up for a serious provocation at the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhya NPP

The invaders, who occupied ZNPP, are going to accuse the Ukrainian nuclear workers of storing weapons at the power plant site. To do this, several workers were detained and tortured to get a confession out of them, or rather – to force them to incriminate themselves that in March they allegedly dropped some weapons in concrete basins of cooling ponds at the ZNPP: either explosives or shells.

Under this pretext, the occupiers are insisting on draining the cooling ponds – to inspect the basins – and shutting down the pumps that supply water to the safety systems of power units. If that happens, the safety systems of Europe's largest nuclear power plant will be out of cooling, which is a grave breach and could threaten nuclear safety. In addition, such work should not be carried out in the summertime due to the risk of overheating and equipment failure.

But the crucial issue is the overseeing occupiers' activities, because under the guise of "conducting an inspection" they can throw anything into concrete basins: explosives, unexploded shells, and other weapons. Then they can blame ZNPP employees or its defenders for this, making it a formal reason for inviting the IAEA to visit the power plant and presenting these "facts". And to make a picture for the propaganda russian media – how the russians care about the safety of the power plant while the Ukrainian staff violates it.

We emphasize that any weapon found on the ZNPP site is the weapon belonging to the occupiers, which they use to commit nuclear terrorism and threat to the whole world with a new terrible catastrophe.