The russian military shelled the ZNPP all morning: more than 12 hits on the plant's infrastructure facilities

This morning, November 20, 2022, due to numerous russian shelling, at least 12 "hits" were recorded at the Zaporizhzhya NPP site.

As a result, overpasses linking the facility to special buildings, storage tanks of demineralized water, steam generator blowdown system, auxiliary systems of one of the two plantwide diesel engines, and other equipment of the power plant infrastructure were damaged. Three hits were also recorded in the area of the Raiduha substation. The damage and destruction there are still being assessed.

The nature and list of the ZNPP damaged equipment show that the attackers aimed at and disabled precisely the infrastructure that was necessary for the start-up of power units 5 and 6 and the restoration of electricity production by the Zaporizhzhya NPP for the needs of Ukraine.

Recently, Energoatom made a decision, and the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine granted permission to bring power units 5 and 6 to a minimum controllable power level to receive steam, which is critically needed in the winter season to ensure the safety of power units, personnel, the population, and the environment.

The russian military tried in every possible way to prevent the Ukrainian staff of the power plant from the power units being started. The fake director of the power plant romanenko from rosatom, relying on the russian military, which seized the ZNPP and uses it as a military base, blocked the preparation of power units for bringing them to the minimum controllable power level.

However, this was not enough for them and today the russian military shelled and damaged the very equipment, the failure of which makes any further actions regarding the start-up of power units of the ZNPP impossible.

The russian military are arranging nuclear blackmail yet again, and their actions are endangering the whole world!

Once again, we appeal to the international community to urgently take measures for the fastest possible demilitarization of the ZNPP, the withdrawal of all russian military from the plant site and the city of Enerhodar as well as the return of the Zaporizhzhya NPP to the full control of Ukraine for the sake of the safety of the whole world!