While analyzing the actions of the ruscist occupiers in recent days, the conclusion can be drawn about a new tactic of nuclear blackmail by the terrorist country

Over the past few days, the russian invaders, by shelling the entire territory of Ukraine, deliberately targeted substations connected to Ukrainian nuclear power plants by high-voltage transmission lines.

Although these substations are located quite far (160–200 km) from Ukrainian nuclear power plants, their damage causes disconnection of the transmission lines through which electricity is transferred from the NPPs to the energy system of Ukraine. And in case of termination of the operation of these transmission lines, the power units of the NPPs are shut down in an emergency, so the power plants go into blackout mode with the start-up of diesel generators.

This is what has happened for the fourth time at the ZNPP today, after the shelling of a substation in the Dnipropetrovsk region and the shutdown of the sole operating 750 kV line. There were also failures in the operation of another 750 kV line in the direction of the South Ukraine NPP. At the power plant, its disconnection was felt, but, fortunately, it did not have negative consequences for the NPP.

Apparently, the ruscist nuclear terrorists are seriously considering such a scenario of nuclear blackmail in order to cause even greater damage to Ukrainian nuclear plants with unpredictable consequences. The implementation of such a scenario is also confirmed by the actions of the occupiers at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

In recent days, the invaders began to actively deliver diesel fuel to the power plant, preparing for its long operation in blackout mode, which may be the result of the disabling of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, which ensures the connection of the ZNPP with the domestic power system.

Therefore, the creation of a safety zone around the Zaporizhzhya NPP is an important step from the point of view of nuclear and radiation safety, but it will not be enough in the conditions of constant shelling of substations and power transmission lines remotely connected to nuclear power plants.

The aggressor must be immediately stopped so that he does not have the opportunity to implement his criminal plans. The entire set of sanctions against the russian nuclear industry, including rosatom, rosenergoatom and other enterprises that are directly involved in the implementation of these plans, should be imposed as soon as possible.