ZNPP is again on diesel generators: invaders damaged the substation

This morning, October 12 at 08:59 am, the Dniprovska substation located in Dnipropetrovsk region was damaged because of rocket attack by Russian troops. As a result, the 750kV ZNPP – Dniprovska transmission line was emergency disconnected.

Thus, Zaporizhzhia NPP went to full black-out mode. Diesel generators started operating automatically.

Energoatom prepared and dispatched another batch of diesel fuel to ZNPP. However, as of 10:00 a.m., the russian side does not allow the Company's convoy of vehicles to pass.

Russian shelling and damages to the energy infrastructure, which is related to the operation of nuclear plants, are the same manifestations of nuclear terrorism just like direct shelling of ZNPP, and lead to the same consequences and threats of a radiation accident.

The invaders continue to disdain the nuclear and radiation safety of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, threatening the world with a radiation disaster.