On December 10, 2022, one of Energoatom VVER-1000 power units was disconnected from the power grid to remedy flaws in the backup protection current transformer. The flaws were eliminated, and today at 02:43 am the power unit was reconnected to the power grid.

Also, the recovery repair of another VVER-1000 power unit, which was damaged due to shelling of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine on November 23, 2022, is coming to an end. It will also be connected to the grid in the coming days.

All other power units of domestic nuclear power plants, excluding the temporarily captured Zaporizhzhya power plant, are operating at maximum capacity in order to meet the needs of the public and the country's economy.

The temporarily occupied ZNPP, the start-up of which is blocked by the ruscists, continues to constantly consume about 100 MW of electricity for its in-house needs from the power system of Ukraine.