ZNPP Deputy Director General for Human Resources is kidnapped and apparently being tortured by the russian military

On October 10 russian terrorists kidnapped Deputy Director General for Human Resources of Zaporizhzhya NPP Valeriy Martynyuk, keep holding him at an unknown location and probably using methods of torture and intimidation peculiar to them.

In this way, the russians are trying to get much-needed information about the personnel files of Zaporizhzhya NPP employees in order to force Ukrainian staff to work for rosatom as soon as possible. The occupiers literally torture ZNPP nuclear workers not neglecting the cruelest forms of abuse.

We appeal to the IAEA Director General Raphael Grossi and the entire world community to take all possible measures for the immediate release of Valeriy Martynyuk from the captivity of the russian occupiers and his return to the performance of duties.

The arbitrariness of the invaders at Zaporizhzhya NPP must be stopped as soon as possible! For this, it is necessary to establish a nuclear safety zone around the ZNPP and return it to the full control of Ukraine!