Today russian invaders shelled the Zaporizhzhya NPP and the area near the nuclear facility again

August 11 2022 the russian military once again shelled the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, the largest in Ukraine and Europe. Five "shell hits" were recorded in the area of the commandant's office of the power plant – right next to the welding area and the radiation sources storage facility.

The grass caught fire in a small area, but luckily no one was hurt. However, the enemy did not stop there.

Five more "shell hits" occurred in the area of the fire department, which is located not far from the ZNPP. As a result of shelling at the power plant, a shift change was not carried out in time. After all, for the safety of nuclear workers, the buses with the next shift personnel were turned back to Enerhodar. Until the situation finally normalizes, the workers of the previous shift will continue to work.

The situation at the power plant is currently under control. The information, which was immediately spread in the hostile publics, that the staff allegedly left the power plant in a panic, is fake and manipulative. This is also the weapon with which the russians are trying to destroy the ZNPP, so trust only official sources.