On July 12, 2022, the presentation of the music video for the song «Enerhodar is Ukraine!», created by SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» in cooperation with the TNMK band and film director Yurii Kovalyov, took place in the «Ukraine» media center (Ukrinform)

«Enerhodar is Ukraine!» – the world should be aware of the feat of nuclear power professionals at ZNPP. TNMK's song «Enerhodar» is a dedication to those who got into the occupation. Ukraine has not forgotten anything, Ukraine will be back. Ukraine will return thanks. And Enerhodar is Ukraine!

Today, July 12, 2022, the presentation of the music video for the song «Enerhodar is Ukraine!», created by SE «NNEGC «Energoatom» in cooperation with the TNMK band and film director Yurii Kovalyov, took place in the «Ukraine» media center (Ukrinform).

Since March 4, 2022, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe – Zaporizhzhya NPP – and its satellite town Enerhodar are under the occupation of russian invaders. All this time, the occupationists are constantly terrorizing the locals and workers of the nuclear power plant: increasing the pressure, humiliating, mocking, kidnapping and torturing them. It is already a matter of hundreds of kidnapped town dwellers whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

Energoatom’s President Petro Kotin took part in the presentation of the video clip as well. He emphasized that the ruscists are trying to turn the ZNPP into a military base, endangering world nuclear safety. And under such conditions, Ukrainian nuclear power professionals keep working, as they understand the possible tragic consequences of the invaders' thoughtless actions.

«The situation at Zaporizhzhya NPP is really challenging. Ukrainian nuclear workers are constantly severely beaten, such as Andrii Honcharuk, a diver of ZNPP hydrological service. The employees are also kidnapped and held in an unknown place, they are killed and shot. The terrible story of Serhii Shvets, an employee of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, who was shot for his pro-Ukrainian position, shocked the entire civilized world with its cynicism. And, unfortunately, no one knows what atrocities the ruscists can still commit,» Mr. Kotin stated.

Energoatom's CEO thanked the entire team that worked on the creation of the video clip, given that it is crucial to remind the world repeatedly what our nuclear workers have to go through while continuing to ensure nuclear and radiation safety in inhumane conditions. It is referred not only to Ukraine but also to all Europe and even the world. 95% of ZNPP workers are unwilling to cooperate with the russian invaders and are subjected to terrible torture for this reason.

«Enerhodar is Ukraine!» the leader of the «Tanok na Maidani Kongo» band Oleh Fahot Mykhailyuta said. «So it was, is and will be. No matter how difficult it is, residents of Enerhodar and other occupied territories are holding on.» Actually, the main purpose of the clip is to remind the society once again about the heroism of thousands of Enerhodar nuclear power professionals. He praises the indomitability of the heroes of the ZNPP and all the occupied territories – people who bravely held on despite the onslaught of the russian horde. «A deed speaks a thousand words. And this song and music video is not just a reminder. This is also support and respect, as well as a call to every resident of the temporarily occupied territories to hold on and be courageous. We will definitely be back!» Fahot pointed out.

«The main idea of this video work is to demonstrate the daily heroism of thousands of Enerhodar dwellers, who were subjected to an incredibly difficult test by the occupation,» film director Yurii Kovalyov noted. «A test that the vast majority of these courageous people pass with incredible dignity, without betraying either each other or Ukraine. The world should know about this!»

Currently, the power workers of Zaporizhzhya NPP hold the nuclear safety of the entire planet on their own shoulders. And their feat is worth talking about all the time. In any way, from all possible platforms, in Ukraine and around the world. So that everyone, both in our country and outside its borders, clearly understands, whose painstaking work ensures the smooth operation of one of the largest nuclear power plants in the world!

We will win! Glory to the Heroes! Enerhodar is Ukraine!