The russian military destroy the ecosystem around the occupied ZNPP

The russian occupationists at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant not only expose the entire world to nuclear danger, but also cause an ecological catastrophe by their actions.

After capturing the ZNPP, the occupationists planted mines throughout the surrounding territory, and animals are blown up on these mines. This is a real ecocide as the Zaporizhzhya NPP is located in the steppes on the shore of the Kakhovka Reservoir, and the territory around the power plant with a radius of 2.5 kilometers is a sanitary protection zone.

During the years of existence of the nuclear plant, a kind of unique ecosystem was formed in this zone, where many species of wild animals live, including deer, foxes, wild boars, hares and many species of birds, some of which are listed in the Red Book. These animals die by coming across russian mines. During the last time alone, at least 30 animals were killed due to explosions.

Unfortunately, not all cases of animal deaths from landmines can be recorded, nor are "collateral losses" recorded – small rodents, hedgehogs, snakes, which are also an integral part of the ecosystem. This causes irreparable damage to the environment.

Due to the death of a large number of animals in the ZNPP sanitary protection zone, as well as the fact that the occupationists do not remove the carcasses of dead animals, they begin to decompose and their remains get into the groundwater, polluting it. This can lead to the ingress of poisonous substances into the drinking canals, which will expose the residents of Enerhodar and nearby settlements to mass poisoning.

Currently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine is preparing a number of lawsuits, collecting relevant facts of crimes, in order to hold the russian federation accountable for ecocide on the territory of the state.

The ZNPP related infrastructure suffers damage as well. In particular, mine explosions, which wild animals encounter, damage communications on the power plant site: switchgear equipment, elements of integrated cable system, open sections of pipelines, etc.

Once again, we call on the entire world community to facilitate the withdrawal of the russian military from the territory of the ZNPP and Enerhodar as soon as possible, to demilitarize the plant and return it to the full control of Ukraine! This will save the world not only from a nuclear, but also from a large-scale ecological disaster!