Provocation involving russian mass media is taking place right now at Zaporizhzhya NPP

For the sake of a nice propaganda picture about the safe operation of the ZNPP at occupiers' gunpoint, the ruscists resorted to another provocation.

russian military forced the plant chief executives to admit a well-known russian blogger-propagandist with a representative of Rosatom and accompanied by armed soldiers to the main control room of one of the power units of the nuclear plant and other restricted access premises. There they plan to organize filming and force Ukrainian personnel to participate in propaganda interviews.

This is how the occupiers create for the russian audience a propaganda myth about one of the main achievements of russia in this war – the successful operation of the stolen ZNNP for the needs of the aggressor country.

Despite the efforts of the russian scumbags, the ZNPP remains under the control of the NNEGC «Energoatom» and supplies electricity to the Ukrainian power grid, expecting to be liberated as soon as possible with aid of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The corresponding note about the criminal actions of the ruscists at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant will be sent to the international NPP security bodies.

ZNPP is Ukraine!

ruscists and Rosatom, hands out of the ZNPP!