The occupiers are preparing another provocation at the ZNPP

On the territory of the captured Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the russian military yesterday brought several ”Grad” rocket launchers.

The invaders placed this weapon near power unit No. 6, right next to the territory of the station's dry storage of spent nuclear fuel, where they had previously built some "protective structures" in a secret regime, violating all the conditions for the organization of nuclear and radiation safety.

The most likely provocation that is being prepared is the shelling of the opposite bank of the Dnieper, in particular the Nikopol and Marganets, with these "Grad" installations directly from the ZNPP site, using the "cover" of power units and spent nuclear fuel storage.

The whole world understands the blatant violations of all norms and requirements of nuclear and radiation safety of the operation of the nuclear power plant, which the invaders use for military purposes. From the very beginning of the aggression, they have stationed personnel, military equipment, weapons and explosives there; the territory of the station and access roads to it were mined.

We appeal to the IAEA and the entire world atomic community, informing about the additional placement of the “Grad" MLRS directly on the ZNPP site. And once again we call for the creation of a security zone inside and around the station for its complete demilitarization and deoccupation.