The russian military shelling ZNPP to destroy its infrastructure and disconnect it from the Ukrainian power system

Acts of nuclear terrorism at Zaporizhzhya NPP – the shelling of the plant, aim to destroy the plant’s infrastructure, cause damage to all transmission lines that are used to transport electricity to the Ukrainian grid, and to cause blackout in the south of the country.

With these actions, the russians have started a new scenario – that of destruction leading to a nuclear and radiation accident at ZNPP. Therefore, most probably, the shelling will not stop.

The only way to prevent it would be concerted actions taken by safety and security organizations, in particular by the United Nations, IAEA, and WANO, and a permanent pressure on russia from international community to make them withdraw russian army forces from the largest nuclear site in Europe and ensure its full demilitarization. ZNPP shall be immediately returned to its status of a peaceful civilian installation, as it was before the russian invasion.

Otherwise, russia will succeed with its plan to turn ZNPP into a nuclear terrorists’ military base. This course of actions is being actively encouraged by rosatom representatives, staying at the plant and personally coordinating the special program of cutting off ZNPP from the Ukrainian power system by shelling all transmission lines that connect ZNPP to the Ukrainian grid.

In addition to destroying the ZNPP infrastructure, this plan also includes further total blackout of the plant, followed by starting of diesel generators at all power units in order to cool down the nuclear fuel in all reactors and spent fuel pools of each power unit.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the invaders have placed military vehicles, weapons and explosives in turbine halls No.1 and No. 2, which actually equals mine planting at two nuclear reactors of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. And before that, they have already planted mines along the ZNPP shoreline beyond the cooling ponds’ line and adjacent shoreline of Kakhovka Reservoir.

It is highly probable that all of this will cause a nuclear and radiation disaster, with consequences not only for Ukraine, but also for the entire Europe.

Considering the above, Energoatom calls once again on the United Nations, IAEA and the international community to take all necessary steps and to direct a safety mission to Zaporizhzhya NPP in order to ensure demilitarization and withdrawing of armed russian troops from the plant and surrounding areas, in particular from the town of Energodar.

It is the only way to guarantee the ZNPP safety and to prevent a global nuclear and radiation disaster!