Energoatom and the Yuzhnoukrainsk Town Council strengthen cooperation for the socio-economic development and protection of the satellite town of the PNPP

Today, on April 5, the head of Energoatom, Petro Kotin and the secretary of the Yuzhnoukrainsk Town Council Denys Kravchenko, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

Its main directions are the following:

  • strengthening the protection of the Pivdennoukrainsk NPP, the satellite town and increasing the safety of its residents;
  • strengthening the cooperation and coordination of efforts for social and economic development of the Yuzhnoukrainsk urban territorial community. In particular, regarding the development of issues of housing and sector.

In addition, the parties have agreed that the town management will make every effort to speed up the process of redemption of debts owed to Energoatom for a number of communal services.

In addition, Petro Kotin and Denys Kravchenko have discussed the security situation in the region, the issue of the construction of additional protective structures in the satellite town of the Yuzhnoukrainsk NPP, and the coordination of measures to provide assistance to the defenders of Ukraine.

“This memorandum will provide an opportunity to deepen cooperation between Energoatom and the Yuzhnoukrainsk community, in particular for the implementation of new projects, such as the Technological Complex for the manufacture of fuel assemblies,” Petro Kotin has said.

In his turn, the secretary of the Yuzhnoukrainsk Town Council has added that the signing of the memorandum is a historic event for the community, and Energoatom's support for both local Military Forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine is an example for other companies.

“I would like to thank NNEGC and Petro Borysovych for their position and support. Energoatom is indeed one of the leaders in supporting the Armed Forces. I have recently been in the military myself, so I have felt supported. All the needs, in particular, of my unit, have been provided by the Company in a short period of time and in full,” Denys Kravchenko said.

We remind you that the memoranda have already been signed with the authorities of satellite towns of other Ukrainian NPPs - Varash, Netishyn.