Energoatom and Westinghouse Launch U.S. Internships for Nuclear Energy Professionals

Sixty Professionals and Graduate-level Scholars to Study AP1000® Plant Technology in the United States

Westinghouse Electric Company and SE NNEGC Energoatom announced today a partnership to offer immersive internships and development opportunities for 60 Ukrainian nuclear energy professionals and graduate-level students. The multi-year program will begin in fall 2022 with hands-on training in AP1000® plant technology at Westinghouse’s global headquarters in the United States.

Following completion of the program, the newly minted AP1000® plant technical professionals will have numerous opportunities to apply their engineering, technical and technological support skills toward the new build AP1000® plant projects in Ukraine, including in the newly established Westinghouse Engineering Center in Kyiv. The professionals also will be trained to provide critical support for future decommissioning programs of Ukrainian nuclear power plant units.

«We will identify exceptional talent across our young professionals and up-and-coming graduates of leading Ukrainian universities. The opportunity for months of immersion in the AP1000® plant technology will be invaluable to these bright minds and allows us to accelerate our clean energy goals and energy security efforts», said Energoatom’s Executive Director for Human Resources Oleh Boyaryntsev.

«The Westinghouse training program will provide a unique experience to Ukrainian professionals and university students for advancement within the nuclear energy industry as we begin implementing AP1000® plant projects across Ukraine,» said David Durham, President Energy Systems at Westinghouse. «Opening our world class facilities to Ukraine’s current and future nuclear professionals reinforces the strong partnership Westinghouse has with Energoatom and Ukraine.»

In June 2022, Westinghouse and Energoatom expanded agreements for Westinghouse to supply all nuclear fuel for the Energoatom operating fleet in Ukraine and to build nine AP1000® plants across the country. The AP1000® plant is a proven Gen III+ reactor featuring unique fully passive safety systems, modularized standard design, and industry-leading operability performance and load following capability. The design and build of the AP1000® plants will leverage significant US-Ukraine industrial cooperation, featuring content from supply chains in both countries.